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Chords Analysis Imagine Dragons - Dancing In the Dark

Imagine Dragons - Dancing In the Dark

This song is written by Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds and Daniel Platzman and produced by Alex Da Kid.

"Dancing In the Dark" is in A Major key, for electone player you must transpose up 2 semitones to play this song with basic version. It use just 2 chords with 1 5 progression for the whole song. Use Down UpDown Up Up Down Up strumming pattern per 2 chords and you need to change chord on the up of 3rd beat.

See example of chords lyrics here: http://chords.tv/new/imagine-dragons-dancing-in-the-dark/

   G                         D             G
Most days I'm keeping to myself,
          D               G
Living in my little bubble
Pushing my weight and 
  G                  D                       G
Moving my body through the sea
                   D                   G
You could come join with me
Moving like the weekend
G  D                 G
I     don't need nobody

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