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Chords Analysis Imagine Dragons - Rise Up

Imagine Dragons - Rise Up from Evolve album

This song is written by Ben McKee, Dan Reynolds & Daniel Platzman and produced by John Hill.

"Rise Up" is in the key of C Minor, if you play keyboard you should transpose up three semitones to play this song on easy chords. It use just 4 chords on I V IV, I V VI, I V VI IV, IV I IV V and VI V I progressions. Use Down Down Up Up Down Up strumming pattern per chord.

See example of chords lyrics here: http://chords.tv/new/imagine-dragons-rise-up/

C                G                    F
 I'm bursting like the fourth of July
             C                 G              F
So color me and blow me away
C              G                 F
 I'm broken in the prime of my life
                 C                 G                F
So embrace it and leave me to stray

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