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Chords Analysis Roulette by Katy Perry

Roulette by Katy Perry from Witness album

This song is written by Ali Payami, Ferras, Katy Perry, Max Martin & Shellback and produced by Ali Payami, Max Martin and Shellback via Capitol Records.

"Roulette" is in the key of A Major, if you play keyboard you need to transpose up whole tone to play this song on easiest way. It use only 4 chords on II V VI IV progression for the whole song. Use Down Down Up Up Down Up strumming pattern per chord.

See example of chords lyrics here: http://chords.tv/new/katy-perry-roulette/

 I'm uptight 
  D                                       Em
Playing by the rules in this game of life
C              Am
365 days on the grind
  D                                                  Em         C
Something's stirring, I might need to unwind

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