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Chords Analysis Strip That Down (Acoustic) by Liam Payne

Strip That Down (Acoustic) by Liam Payne

This song is written by Brian Thompson, Charles William Miller, Ed Sheeran, Harold Ray Brown, Howard E. Scott, Le Roy Lonnie Jordan, Lee Oskar, Liam Payne, Morris Dickerson, Orville Burrell, Rickardo Ducent, Shaun Pizzonia, Steve Mac  & Sylvester Allen and produced by Steve Mac via Capitol Records  & Republic Records.

"Strip That Down (Acoustic)" is in F sharp Major key, for guitar player you have to put capo on sixth fret to play this song with simple way. It use only 3 chords with 6 1 4 progression for the entire song. Use Down Down Up Down Down Up strumming pattern per 2 chords and you need to change chord on the 3rd  & 4 beat.

See example of chords lyrics here: http://chords.tv/new/liam-payne-strip-that-down-acoustic/

               Am                  C
But your love, it hit me hard, girl
Yeah, you're bad for my health
                 Am                             C
I love the cards, that I've been dealt
Do you feel the same as well?

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